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If you have any requests or comments, you can also connect with me, Mark, at +66-811357977 (+66-8-1135-7977) and I am on WhatsApp and Line, plus other apps. I am in Thailand but you can send messages any day at any time.

Requests for collaborations are welcome for a variety of purposes. We are parts of something astronomically greater than just ourselves, in the purpose and meaning of life. The author is easygoing and is trying to selflessly help create a rightful and sustainable collaboration of individuals, companies, and organizations for the survival of humankind.

If you want a printable, PDF copy of this presentation, such as for printed distribution rather than an electronic link to this website, please send me a request. I have tried to keep it within a few dozen pages, in reasonably large print. I'm not doing this for money, I'm doing this to try to save humankind from extinction. It is our responsibility within this generation. I retain copyright mainly to make sure that the original text is attributed to the original author and is not misattributed. Please contact me for any collaboration or uses.

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